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Skills Needed To Become A Laser Engraver

Posted on August 24, 2021 at 8:12 am

You may be wondering why you would need a certain skill set to become a successful laser engraver when you are only using a machine to complete all the projects. But the truth is, you do still need certain skills, you can find out more about these below.

One of the most important skills you need to become a successful laser engraver is patience. It can take a long amount of time to complete projects and to learn the skill. So, you need to be extremely patient to be able to deal with the small mistakes that can be made, as well as the time it takes to complete each project.

Another skill that you need is computer knowledge. A laser engraving machine works by using a computer, with you needing to program the design so the machine knows what to do. Therefore you need to have a good computer knowledge to know how to program your laser engraving machine.

You will also want the skill of being able to remain calm and open to learning. When you are first starting out, you will need to be able to remain calm and be open to learning. Mistakes will be made when you are learning a new skill. Reaming calm is a must as more mistakes are likely to be made when you become frustrated, resulting in a higher waste of materials.

So, if you want to become a successful laser engraver you do need a skill set. Whilst most of the project relies on the laser engraving machine itself. You still need the skills to be able to work it and enable it to complete its job effectively.

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Laser Engraving Machine For Sale For Cutting Edge Imprinting

Posted on March 3, 2018 at 8:19 pm

Laser engraving process was once a service saved just for end hardware makers, gem crafters, and metal specialists has now gotten to be inside arm’s span of most business and individual purchasers inspired by giving their tokens a one of a kind and individual touch. Laser engraving can be really fun for those who possess the right laser engraving equipment and the right skills. Most engraving techniques involve ink and their heads wear out quickly for they constantly come in contact with the surface. With laser engraving machines for sale there is no need for such mess. Any laser engraving equipment requires two main things, firstly a laser and then a controller. A laser resembles a pencil and emits a beam which helps in drawing patterns.  (more…)

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Improving stock production levels with laser cutting machines

Posted on February 27, 2018 at 9:35 pm

Many businesses are looking for feasible options when it comes to increasing stock production, all whilst maintaining great quality. Laser cutting is the process in which materials are cut using lasers, producing items of great quality for a very good price. With industries gaining a very fast pace, there is need to reduce on cost of production, and increasing the quantity. Laser technology has been with us for some 50 years now and it is gaining more traction. The advances made in laser technology has led to the improvement of good quality cut products and cutting speeds. This has led to lower costs, and has led to the opening up of new avenues for the technology.

Industries have been gaining pace over the years and they seem not to be slowing down. But with the number of industries popping up yearly, they need to find ways of reducing costs to remain relevant within the industry. With laser technology industries can be able to improve on their stock production.

There are many benefits of incorporating laser cutting machines to your own company’s stock production. We have compiled a list to explain the main reasons to invest in a laser cutter for your own business:

Long Lives- Laser cutting machines have a long shelf life and thus will be able give a longer service. This can also be improved using fiber laser cutting as it has 25,000 hours of service life. Thus they will run for a long period and give maximum output.

Control- The machines offer control over the beam heat output as well as duration and the intensity. Therefore, the effect of the lasers on the material is highly regulated. It also offers the ability to control the cutting position as compared to mechanical cutting.

No contact- Since the lasers are not touching the material, the heat emitted will only be concentrated on the material reducing heat damage. And also there are less moving parts that will wear out. This makes it become more cost effective and now there are fewer parts to be replaced.

Multiple uses- It is not restricted to just metals but can be used to cut even diamonds, glass and a host of other material. With this, it reduces on the cost of specified cutting machines in the industry and becomes a one-for-all type of machine.

Easy to maintain- these machines are made to be cleaned easily and if done on a daily basis, they will continue to produce great quality cutting for a longer period of time. Once a week, the machines should have a through clean, whilst being serviced yearly is highly advised to increase the lifespan of the machine.

Quality- Laser cutting machines have improved dramatically over the years, so the quality of the cut is precise and well controlled, producing great quality products every time.

Laser cutting machines have innumerable benefits that will help improve the stock production levels of the industry. As the technology gains more ground, the benefits are set to increase.

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Improve productivity and reliability by investing in a laser engraver for your business

Posted on December 20, 2017 at 4:31 pm

A laser engraver could prove to be a shrewd investment for your business. In the modern world, possessing a laser engraver can be a huge asset, but you do of course have to keep up with the latest technology to meet the needs of today’s business owners.

Below are just a few ways you can improve productivity and reliability by investing in a laser engraver for your business:


Desktop laser engravers have a fiber laser source designed for marking a broad range of plastics as well as metals. With such a machine, you can work on lots of materials. Your clients will find your business reliable as they can get cuttings and engravings on most metals, plastic, stone, paper, glass, acrylic, textiles, leather, wood and MDF among many other materials.

The highly versatile machine enables you to expand your product offering, making a laser engraving investment one of the smartest decisions you can make in your business. You can create an extensive collection of shapes and intricate designs. Wouldn’t you want a machine that would do all of that?

Many customers can utilise the laser engraver. If your business produces personalised products like trophies, awards, or creates architectural models and other related jobs, you can use one single engraving system for hundreds of different jobs. Your clients may then find they can get most of the products they need from you. This makes you more dependable.

Highly User-Friendly

A laser engraver is ideal for anyone who’s ready to learn how to use it. This means that even amateurs can use the machine. When you decide to invest in a laser engraver machine, you’ll not waste time training your employees on how to use it. Less time will be used in training and familiarisation means more time spared for productivity. You will also find that the machine saves on manpower, which can be used elsewhere.

The Improved Quality

If there’s one thing clients treasure, it’s probably the quality in the products your business offers. The good news is that the laser engraver is the machine to gain clients’ confidence in your business through the production of enhanced quality products. More customers will find your business reliable since they can get high-quality products. More customers equal more profits and we all know you absolutely need that!

There are so many different reasons why you should buy a laser engraver, but if you genuinely feel that it will lead to increased profit and improve your line of products or services, then we say it’s an option worth pursuing. Not many businesses can say they have their very own laser engraving or cutting machine, so for you to be able to produce intricate shapes, patters or designs at the click of a button can be a huge advantage, and there’s no doubt that having such a machine can lead to more work.

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Laser cutting put simply

Posted on October 15, 2017 at 10:39 am

Laser cutting is a way of cutting a specific design out of a variety of materials using a direct laser beam. The precise cutting of a laser beam is directed at the material and a clean edge is created as gas in also jetted in to clear away the debris.

The high quality finish and smooth edge is what gives a laser cutting machine its advantage over a general cutting machine, which uses more time, effort and energy. The Laser cutting machine means your business can have a larger production rate as items are cut quicker, while you also save on energy usage too.

A laser cutting machine is able to cut designs that have been programmed into a CAD (computer aided design), making complicated designs quick and easy, while still maintaining a quality finish. Another advantage of a laser cutting machine is the lowered chance of distortion that can come from cutting of materials, this is reduced due to the narrow direct laser beam used.

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Important Uses of a Plasma Cutter – A Brief

Posted on August 14, 2017 at 1:46 pm

One of the latest technological developments in the field of metal cutting is the invention of plasma cutting. These plasma cutters are used to cut electrically conductive metals. Known that they are handy for cutting metals of different grades, these cutters proved to be an accurate and accurate tool with many advantages. Plasma cutting is a widely used technique for cutting metals, such as steel, using plasma properties. A plasma cutter, the tool used for this process, replaced the use of traditional torches due to some of the advantages it offers. As a result, there are many industries where plasma-based metal-cutting machines find some applications. (more…)

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The Uses Of A Laser Cutting Tool

Posted on July 1, 2017 at 12:59 pm

Laser cutting is something that has taken the manufacturing world by storm. The technology has had a dramatic impact on the operations of many firms over some industries and looks set to stay for some time to come so here are some important things to remember about this revolutionary invention:

Go shopping for a Laser cutting machine on the internet, and you’ll find countless sites that stock modern machinery. Many of the sites specialise in die making equipment, and they claim their laser cutting machine is the best. It’s simple to fall for clever marketing ploys when you are shopping for a Laser cutting machine. You can fall the charms of a laser cutting machine simply by leafing through a glossy brochure and being seduced by the sales patter. There are certainly many pitfalls awaiting the unsuspecting buyer that is looking for laser cutting equipment. The trick is to find experts in the industry, a company that sells the latest laser equipment and has a range of automated solutions. The guys at laser cutting UK are a prime example. They have experience in the automation industry and offer their clients a full range of products. (more…)

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Using Laser Engraving Machines Safely

Posted on March 31, 2017 at 10:02 pm

Engraving machines often make use of high powered lasers in order to create intricate and precise designs. While these laser engravers are precise and accurate, they can also be dangerous machines to use, requiring the right level of protection to be used safely.

A common way of protecting those around a laser engraver is by using a laser safety viewing window. These provide a solid wall in close proximity to the laser, but are also made from transparent materials, allowing the laser to be viewed if necessary.

Viewing windows like these are especially useful for design or manufacturing work, which require visibility of the laser as it is being used. They are available in several different materials, each of which are suitable for various applications.

Opaque laser protective barriers are also available but are recommended more for automated laser applications such as production lines and manufacture.


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Compact And Convenient – Desktop Laser Marking Systems

Posted on January 23, 2017 at 6:29 pm

Desktop laser marking systems are used to create highly accurate and clean laser etchings using a laser mark-making system, which is contained in a smaller, desktop sized package.

The individual quality of each system depends largely on the laser technology used, examples of high quality lasers include MOPA Fiber Laser or Nd:YAG. But the actual laser that is used depends on the quality and cost of the system itself.

Laser marking systems like these are often trolley mounted, adding to the mobility and convenience a system of this size brings. They are operated manually and used for a variety of different engraving tasks. This makes them suitable for various working environments, such as jewelry shops, hygiene centric scenarios, medical equipment manufacture and food packaging.

Compact systems are often cheaper than larger models, making them perfect for smaller businesses or individual professionals. They are often PC compatible, which allows for a wide range of features to be added.






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Creating Laser Cut Stencils

Posted on December 17, 2016 at 11:20 pm

Laser cut stencils are used to create highly detailed and clean images as well as pieces of text that are then used for a variety of different purposes. They are often used by businesses as the clean and precise nature of the laser cutting process allows a professional, high quality image to be created.

Both large and small stencils can be created using a laser cutter as Laser cutters often have a large cutting area. If the stencil needs to be bigger than the initial cutting area, then it can be created in multiple sections which can be attached together. There are however limitations of the amount of detail that can be cut into a area on smaller stencils.

Stencils can be created out of a variety of different materials, from fabrics such as cotton and leather to paper, card, wood thin plastics and metals. Professional laser cutters often recommended a material thickness for the level of intricacy that can be achieved.




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