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Demystifying The Control Panel Manufacturer

Posted on November 21, 2013 at 9:46 am

Before defining a control panel manufacturer and their work, it is important to define the control panel. A control panel is a surface where instruments used to monitor a working system are placed. This is the point from which the individual controlling the system will identify the status of the system. These manufacturers benefit many industry players by developing other elements and providing solutions such as developing winding cables, winding wires, and various other handling components. It is such a diversification of the manufacturer that makes them very crucial in finding working solutions for problems that are bound to occur.

Process Control Systems

A good control panel manufacturer will ensure that the design used in developing the panels is easy to use and repair. Most of these panels have a universal design and can be used on the most basic machinery. Process control systems that make use control panels include pneumatics, motors, and pumps. The control panel is meant to provide is user with an interface and the appropriate feedback. The panel would normally be found at the operator station or the terminal box. These locations are generally easy to identify and locate. However, each panel is tailored to meet the specific needs of the machinery in question.

The Motor Control

Generally, a control panel manufacturer will be involved in the design and development of the motor control. This requires a reliable level of experience in the Ac and DC areas of expertise. When a project is initiated, the manufacturer provides the client with the advice on the best motor to use. This includes the motor control or even a complex multi-drive process. All this depends on the level of machinery that will be in use by the client. The manufacturer is also expected to provide a cost effective solution.


Software is also an important aspect of the modern control panel manufacturer. Old control panels are often equipped with knobs, push buttons, and other analog instruments. However, the modern control panel normally comprises of touch screens that feature advanced software. The manufacture is therefore expected to be with an advanced knowledge in the development of the software used by such panel. Projects run by industry players such as nuclear facilities, water facilities, and automotive factories make use of these panels. These are sensitive facilities that cannot afford any form of minor errors as they may have far-reaching consequences.

Project Management, Consultation, and Installation

Most of the clients who require a control panel will require a customised panel that satisfies their requirements. To identify the appropriate panel equipment will require the client to receive appropriate advice from the manufacturer. This advice will also incorporate the list of components that are cost effective. The consultation process leads to the project management and finally the installation. Once the panel is fitted on the machinery, the testing process can commence.

The control panel manufacturer is more than a manufacturer. The manufacturer has a host of responsibilities that see the client receive the best product and service. All this is aimed at ensuring that the involved parties function as expected. In the end, it is clear that what many people thought to be the sole function of the manufacturer is just but a part of a bigger picture, a bigger responsibility on the part of the manufacturer.

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Compressed Air Dryer Solutions

Posted on October 30, 2013 at 10:27 am

In the modern world, air compressors are nearly an essential for any industry and manufacturing plants. The main purpose of the air compressor is to convert energy from the diesel or fuel source to kinetic energy for use in the industry. The process is easily accomplished by compressing air in pressurized air tanks. Compressed air plays a crucial role in homes and industries , the air is simple to use but it is complicated to create as well as high costs involved. A typical compressed air system is composed of distribution equipments, storage, cooling and compression compartments.   The compressor to be used depends on the reliability, cost, size and the kind of application run by the company. The application of compressed air dryers depends on the degree of dryness needed, consistency, cost and the climatic conditions prevailing in the place of operations. Compressed air dryers mainly function in the removal of contaminants, water and other things from the compressed air. The most effective way of drying compressed air is by cooling, collecting the moisture that undergoes condensation and then heating the air to the desired temperature. The dryers use different tools such as membrane filtration, desiccant adsorption, refrigeration and compression to remove all the water and contaminants in the air. Inline compressed and membrane technologies are used in these types of dryers, to prevent tool decomposition and problems associated with water.  When looking for compressed air dryers in the United Kingdom, the dew point, pressure, drying capacity, operating temperature and motor power are some of the factors to consider when buying it in the UK.

Drying capacity in this context is the maximum volume of air, which the dryer is at usually. Dew point on the other hand, is the measure of dryness , it is crucial in determining the water vapor present and the temperature in which the compressed air can get before turning to liquid form. Motor power is a value used in describing capacity, pressure and the dryer size, while the operating temperature refers to the ambient range of required temperature for the machine to function effectively. Compressed air dryers used in industries can be put into three categories these include refrigerant dryers, regenerative desiccant dryers and deliquescent dryers. Refrigerant dryers functions by cooling the incoming air to 1-3 degree Celsius, this is the temperature at which water condenses which in turn is collected in the separator. The desiccant is a salt derivative and it dissolves the water and collects at the lower side of the tank making easy to be removed. The main idea behind the use of a chloride or salt derived desiccant is that they tend to have a high affinity for water. Regenerative dryers mostly use silica gel as the desiccant to absorb moisture and absorb any contaminant this makes the air achieve dew point of -40 degree Celsius, which is the lowest temperature when compared to the others. The lower dew points ensure that no water condenses in the system even at super low temperatures.

In summary dryers are essential in the optimal functioning of the industrial plants and the effectiveness of various industrial machines.

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The Benefits of Waterjet Cutting Machines

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 12:47 pm

Do know that water can be used to slice a sophisticated material like thick steel slabs or a fragile material like cake? Can you imagine a bone surgery being done using water as cutting equipment? A jet of water, when pressurised up to 50,000 PSI is a powerful cutting and slicing equipment that can be used in many ways applications.

Waterjet-based cutting is cutting process which makes use of a strong jet of water to cut many materials like metal, wood, plastics, glass, textiles and ceramics. Thin, pressurized jets of water flowing through a small nozzle can slice through materials of different thicknesses.

Waterjet Cutting Machine is a preferred cutting tool for many reasons. They include:

There is no heat affected area on the material that is being cut. Because of that, the properties of the material that is being cut remain unchanged. There is no risk of cracking or shrinking.
There are no dust particles or fumes. It does not make use of aggressive chemicals. This makes it a remarkably environment friendly cutting tool.

The overall finish on the part that has been cut using a Waterjet Cutting Machine is superior to parts that are produced using other types cutting tools. A clean finish helps in avoiding secondary finishing tasks like polishing, milling or drilling.

The machine can be used to cut complex, tight-tolerance shapes with complex corners. This makes it a great cutting tool for automobile, aerospace and other similar components.

Apart from being cost-effective, this method also saves a lot of time. If used correctly, it will improve the efficiency of operation on a project. The initial set-up cost of the cutting tool is slightly more, but in the long run, the cost per part is considerably low.

The machine can be used with a wide variety of materials like wood, tiles, plastic, leather, glass, alloys and metals, and even food products. Actually, Waterjet Cutting Machine has also been used in surgical procedures.

Thus, waterjet cutting technique is one of the most efficient and affordable cutting techniques. Sometimes, reflective materials like brass and copper can’t be perfectly cut by lasers. Also, lasers aren’t the best choice to cut materials like wood and plastics. Waterjet is the best cutting tool in such applications. They are very powerful and precise cutting tools and the method offers great return on investments for both small and large part quantities.

With nearly every company now using CNC machines to cut using waterjet, it is possible to achieve the highest level of accuracy and precision on the most complex parts. Depending on the type of the material to be cut, abrasive or plain-laced jet of water can be used. Abrasives are usually added to give the Waterjet Cutting Machine more power to slice through tougher materials.

There are many applications and uses of a waterjet in modern commercial, industrial and decorative applications. The machine is widely used to create flooring inlays, create precision parts for industrial use, cut logos or decorative panels for architectural purposes, and so on.

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Advantages of Laser Engraving

Posted on October 16, 2013 at 2:41 pm

In the current world, many firms require logos, marking or branding on their components. The marks are either serial numbers, codes, user instructions or the company logo. The latest technology used in making such markings is laser technology, laser technology has several benefits. Some of the other benefits of laser engraving are that it can be used to engrave ceramic, wood, glass, plastic or metals. Another benefit of laser engraving is that the mark is permanent and flexible; this is possible through directed marking where labels can be avoided. There are a lot of laser marked components around us from the car dashboards, mobile phone pads, cooker knobs, computer keyboards et cetera. Laser engraving is beneficial in that there is no tear and wear on the component being marked; also marking of small objects is possible as well as areas where normal marking technology can reach. Some other benefits of laser engraving are that the procedure is eco-friendly and time saving, it does not cause any deformation or damage to the object being marked. The mark on the component is not affected by water or exposure to the sun.

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Benefits of Diesel Air Compressors

Posted on October 11, 2013 at 5:37 pm

Diesel air compressor is among the most popular air compressor models, particularly for heavy-duty application. The diesel compressor is a favourite option for many companies due to its numerous benefits and unique features, which may be absent in petrol air compressors and electrically powered compressors.
One of the benefits of diesel air compressors is its ability to work without external sources of power. Diesel powered compressors are cordless, and do not require electricity supply to operate. This allows you to work in situations where electricity is cut out unexpectedly, a frequent problem on construction sites and when operating in extreme weather conditions.
Besides, diesel air compressors have a tendency to be more powerful compared to petrol powered machines of similar size, offering higher torque, and are suitable for more industrial and heavy duty applications.
Another benefit of diesel air compressors is their lesser maintenance requirements. Even though it may be a bit more expensive during its initial purchase, the diesel powered compressor will require less maintenance activities compared to petrol engine, due to its simpler ignition system.
Diesel air compressor’s fuel is more cost-effective than petrol. For example, the cost of diesel per litre is less than the cost of petrol. Moreover, diesel engines have a higher percentage of fuel efficiency (about 36%), while their petrol counterparts only boast of about 25% fuel efficiency level.
In the long run, the benefits of diesel air compressors give them an edge over other similar machines. Given the recent unstable production and prices of fuel, one may argue that diesel powered machines may be the future of automobile and construction industries.

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Compressor Services in the UK

Posted on September 27, 2013 at 8:54 am

Compressors are found useful in a variety of industries and the choice of the compressor, layout, design and specifications vary according to the requirements of the industry. Like most capital equipment, compressors require a lot of forward and backward linkages as most of the compressor manufacturing companies do not provide customised options for the clients. This is one of the main reasons why firms rely on compressor services to address their needs and requirements. The firm will be able to take care of all your compressor requirements starting from establishing a compressor unit to regularly attending to its upkeep.

One of the first things that one will have to ascertain is the choice of the compressor system. The compressor services firm will be able to take into consideration the requirements and select an ideal compressor system. Most of the industries have very specific requirements which necessitate a right choice of the compressor design. One will have to choose from a wide range of compressors ranging from standard piston compressors to oil-lubricated rotary screw compressors. There are also certain industries which will require a combination of different compressors. A marine application will invariably require a combination of hydrovane, high pressure piston and breathing air compression system. Then again, one will have to look into the buoyancy aspects of the compressors. A compressor services firm can help businesses make the right choice as they are associated with several reputed compressor brands.

Installation of a compressor system requires the expertise of specialised engineers and is a rather intricate affair. A services firm will have a team of engineers who will look into your requirements, select and design the layout of your compressor system. They will also be able to look into associated pipe layout systems. The engineers will help the system strike a balance between energy efficiency and functional efficiency. These firms also provide training sessions for staff to run the compressor systems. They will also be able to provide valuable technical advice and end to end compressor solutions for any industry.

One of the main aspects of sustained performance of the compressor systems lies in its regular repair and maintenance. Most of the compressor services firms will be able to provide all the spares and maintenance solutions for the compressor systems. The firm will be able to draw up a service plan which will include regular energy efficiency and performance audits and maintenance and services of the systems. They will even be able to help with system health checks and perform necessary repairs. The firms will also maintain an up to date awareness of the various legislation and trends which affect those operating compressors.

Most of the compressor services firms are also registered waste carriers certified by Environment Agency, which means that they will be able to dispose your old compressor system legally. They will also be able to take care of the waste by-products and the waste oil generated from the compressor systems. These firms provide services of technical as well as advisory nature, making them extremely useful for several industries.

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No Service- or Repair Costs with a Quality Compressor Rental

Posted on September 5, 2013 at 10:03 am

Petrol, diesel and electric compressors are used in many different industries, and in fact there are many industries where compressors are indispensable in the applications they serve. Compressors can come in a wide variety of different types and sizes, from mobile and lightweight to large compressor stations, the size depending on the number of compressors and the volume of gas to be moved. Regardless of whether you require a rotary screw compressor, a turbo- or reciprocating compressor, with compressor rental you can expect to hire any compressor you require, whether new or used.
Hiring a compressor can be a useful option if you only need to use the compressor once off, and then the rental company will charge you by the day, week, month or longer. Professional contractors and homeowners use these air tools to tackle a number of small and large projects where they will require a reliable supply of compressed air. You can complete a host of projects using pneumatic tools which are hooked to a rented air compressor.
Hire a Compressor for Domestic or Commercial Use
Rental companies have compressors available mostly from 4kw up to 50kw for both domestic- or commercial use. You will find compressors at work all around us, from our air conditioners to refrigerators, supplying clean air to a scuba diver and even being used in the music industry. Each one more or less performs the same function, and that is to increases the amount of air in a space by compressing air by converting gas or electrical power into kinetic energy.
Hiring a Compressor can be Tailored to Your Needs
With UK compressor rentals, you can always be assured of large stocks available at competitive rates and also with hire periods suited to your project. When you choose a reputable rental company, you will find that they will deliver and collect compressors wherever you are.
These rental companies service different areas in the UK and you will find that they are suppliers of top brand compressors. With their knowledge and skills they can provide you with valuable compressor information and will also be able to tailor your compressed air needs to suit you. Not only that, when your hire a compressor, things like repairs and servicing are done by the rental company and always by trained staff.
A Compressor Matched to Your Project
Before you consider renting a compressor, know exactly how long your project is going to take. The beauty of hiring a compressor is that, unlike with buying one, you are not bound by one size. You can rent air compressors of different sizes to fit your requirements, and each compressor has different mobility configurations as well as output capabilities. You simply choose the compressor that will match your specific tool requirements and your project needs.
Each air tool will require different amounts of pressure to operate. For instance a rental air compressor’s PSI or pounds per square inch rating will determine the pressure of the air that the compressor will deliver. Another thing to look at with a compressor rental is the tank capacity and the amount of air it can hold. This is because some larger tools like a sandblaster will require a large and continuous burst of compressed air.
Hire from A Reputable Company where Safety is Key

When looking to hire a compressor, look out for companies with a good safety history. With a reputable company, compressor rental is an excellent choice as there is only a small outlay, no compressor services or repair costs to bother with, the compressor is serviced when necessary and you don’t have to worry about compressor depreciation, making it a truly worthwhile alternative to buying.

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The transformation of aluminium panels

Posted on August 30, 2013 at 12:42 pm

With the improvement of the usage of aluminium, producers of the metallic panels used for building structures such as trade show booths and makeshift ceilings are no longer using plain aluminium panels. The use of bonded aluminium material to make lighter aluminium panels is now the norm. The bond results in the formation of aluminum composite panels which are composed of two aluminium sheets bonded together by a non- aluminium core.

The use of ACPs short for Aluminium Composite Panels is widespread as they are cheap, efficient and durable. In the construction industry it is used to build temporary elements such as false ceilings, internal and external architectural cladding, signage, machine coverings and many more applications. With their flexibility and rigid nature they are now used for mounting artistic and photographic displays. The bare fact that they are so easy to process, form,design and install makes them such attractive, utility materials.

Besides its low cost and other attractive features mentioned above, the aluminium composite panels innovation which is an improvement of aluminium panels has many more useful characteristics.

The advantages

  • They insulate sound by damping vibration which means they have excellent sound transmission loss characteristics.
  • They can be innovatively designed with many colors as they have limitless color options.
  • They are also fire resistant for the specially produced high quality aluminum composite panels which have non halogen fire resistance polyethylene core between them.
  • With their light weight features they are easily bent, cut and shaped into various shapes and designs.
  • By using them you get to save on project time as they are easy to cut,bend,form,design, rivet and stick together.
  • However, even with their superb characteristics, the aluminium composite panels also have their disadvantages that you need to be aware of if you decide to use them.

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Getting the Best Plasma Cutting Machines

Posted on August 29, 2013 at 9:48 am

Plasma cutting machines are very common in the modern world. The machines are popularly used to cut aluminium, steel and other non ferrous materials. The cutting machines use ionized gas moving at very high speeds to cut sheet metal into various shapes, sizes and thickness. The ionized gas is delivered via a nozzle which in turn heats the metal sheets to be cut. The machine also produces a spark from electricity which charges the highly pressurized and ionized gas into plasma. The plasma is very hot hence produces quick and smooth results. The metal industry and related sectors are the main users of these cutting machines.

The cutting machines are very popular with both novice as well as experienced workers. This is attributed to the ease and efficiency of using the cutting machines. Before going out to purchase a cutting machine, it is important to ascertain the thickness of the metal sheets to be cut. If the metal to be cut is of high gauge or thickness, it is then important to buy a plasma cutting machine that also comes in high amperage. The amperes depict the amount of heat intensity that will be produced. A machine with high amperes will cut thicker metal more easily as compared to a machine with low amperes. Machines with low amperage are generally used to cut thin sheets of metal.

The speed of Plasma cutting machines is the next thing to consider before buying a cutting machine. Faster speeds mean that more work can be done hence improving productivity. Again, the amperage will influence the speed at which the plasma machine cuts. A cutting machine with high amperage will cut through metal sheets and other ferrous materials much faster than a machine with low amperes. Both low and high speed cutting machines will have almost similar speeds on thin sheets of metal. However, using a plasma machine with very high speed to cut thin pieces of sheet metal will produce less than satisfactory cuts.

Cutting machines that use plasma always produce electrical interference while in operation. Though, the impacts are minimal, it is always advisable to make sure that electrical equipment nearby are safe and secure. The best way of doing this, is by considering the plasma machine’s pilot arc. The pilot arc is the space between the machine and the cutting tool. A lesser pilot arc is always preferred. This interference will usually be experienced when starting the machine. The high frequency will affect gadgets such as computers and other electronic devices. Choosing a cutting machine that uses a starting method that produces low frequency is always a better option.

When searching for plasma cutting machines, it is highly recommended to deal with companies that allow a customer test the machines before buying. This allows a customer familiarize with the machine. Test runs will enable the potential customer determine the right type of cutting machine for the intended work. A customer should test different types of sheet metal and also various machines. At the end of it, the customer would have gained enough knowledge hence making an informed decision.

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Advantages of Compressor Maintenance

Posted on August 1, 2013 at 9:47 am

It is very important to always perform compressor maintenance so as to have efficient performance of your system. By ignoring the basic maintenance, the system starts to lag and breakdown eventually. So as to evade very high cost every now and then as well as electric bills, you should never forget to proper properly do maintenance on your equipment. Slow down of your air compressor result to slow down of your business as well.
For proper compressor maintenance, always remember to check the following;
Inlet filter
This part function as a silencer and it need regular inspection to ensure that it is cleaned properly. In case the filter is very dirty, it lessen the operating efficiency as a result of increasing the wear on components. There can be extensive damage caused by system contamination in case the intake start to leak.
Motor and compressor.
These are among the most crucial parts of the machine hence must never be ignored. In case there is acknowledgement of any unusual vibrations or noises, the cause should be located immediately and fixed.
In case the compressor is not lubricated thoroughly, its parts will definitely start to break down hence may result to high repair cost. Always ensure that proper grade and weight of oil as stated by the manufacturer is used in lubricating the machine. So as to reduce the buildup of sludge and varnish, it is important to always keep the component parts as well as reservoir of the oil clean. Regular changing of oil is the best way to achieve this since there is lessening in fabrication hence increase in wear when oil break down and thin out.
Gauges and controls.
You should ensure that all the gauges as well as instruments are properly calibrated and working as a way of making sure that your equipment is working at the highest capacity. There might be an effect to the reading the instrument put out as a result of moisture and any other contaminants.
The ambient or surrounding atmosphere should always be kept clean and free of debris. For proper cooling, the area needs to be ventilated well since the machine will overheat and strain the system of the compressor when the machine cannot ventilate well.
Worn parts
Worn parts may cause vibrations, imbalances as well as noises. Usually, the loose components and friction may be inaudible hence there is need to do periodic micrometer as well as seal tests which help in prolonging the life of the machine
Working with electricity, machinery as well as compressed air can be very dangerous. It is therefore very important to give your safety a first priority. Always remember to lock out and disconnect the supply of electricity when performing the compressor maintenance. Before they begin of any maintenance, the system should be relieved of all pressure as well. Do not put off the problem for later solving when discovered.  Always take the immediate action of resolving the problem in hand. By doing this, you could be preventing many more other problems that could have occurred.

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