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Understanding the Process of Coolant Filtration

Posted on July 18, 2013 at 4:13 pm

Coolant filtration is a procedure which is widely utilised in industries. Most of the machines which require coolant filtration are usually run on diesel. Cooling is required in order to maintain the function of the parts of the device which powers the machine. Overheating of the machines can lead to breakdowns and eventually lead to mechanical failure. Coolant systems are quite simple in functionality and design.
It is very important to keep your coolant contaminant free to maintain correct diesel engine heat. If you do not want your machine to suffer the effects of clogged radiator, it is imperative to look out for a filter that is effective. There are lots of filter materials out there that can be used as coolant filters, however there are few which can really work effectively.
Coolant filtration is required in order to maintain the engine temperature by filtering contaminants which cause corrosion as a result of particles which are deposited in the system. This makes the cooling system to stay clean and function properly leading to good heat dissipation and heat efficiency.
It is essential for the coolant system to be filtered by coolant filter to remove impurities which are suspended in the system. Rust prevention can be achieved when the alkaline condition is maintained. If there is a lack of coolant the engine or a leak within the cooling system it will overheat and stop functioning correctly. Coolant filtration is essential for the correct functioning of moving parts in a system.
The equipment necessary for coolant recycling can be housed at the area of the coolant’s use. This means that the fluids recycling can be done on site. The equipment can do much more than just recycle coolant as they can also recycle other viscous oils. The machines require little training and maintenance and this makes them economical choice in firms. Not only will a person save money when he recycles and reuses old coolant, but he will also save greatly on man power.
It is estimated that in huge operations coolant recycling systems can actually pay for themselves in as little as 6 months. With the “green” technology becoming more widespread and in some cases compulsory, it is no wonder that buying a device which can be both “green” and save some cash at the same time can be a great business decision.
Coolant filtration system relies on liquid and solid additives and depending on the overall capacity of the system it is crucial to add the correct amount. Some manufacturers believe that coolant filter is not very important thus it is not installed when an equipment or engine comes out from the manufacturer. This is why it is advisable for a person to find out if the engine has one.

Gasoline or diesel engines normally experience some failure on cooling system components and this is why it is important for one to consider the installation cost and coolant products. For you to ensure that you have a long lasting and problem free engine, coolant filtration is critical.

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Why you should use a laser for cutting

Posted on June 25, 2013 at 3:10 pm

Cutting with laser technology has numerous benefits over mechanical cutting. A laser cutter is capable of making small holes, which could be complex when using a mechanical cutter. The laser ensures edges are high quality whether the hole is on a sheet, tube or any other surface. As the laser cuts, it uses minimal physical energy from the user. Hence, users find it more convenient than other forms of cutting.

Laser cutting users have been able to cut out complex shapes with this equipment. It does not require other tools after using the laser. This happens fast and easier than when users cut with traditional methods. The laser beam does not wear out therefore, it always maintains high quality of all the cutting it does. A laser cutter is the best choice for a person who highly needs accuracy. It is capable of cutting the exact requirements of a user.

People who choose laser cutting will enjoy reduced contamination in their work. Due to the high accuracy of this equipment, warping is reduced significantly. The system applied in the lasers has small zone affected by heat. Therefore, results are always neat and attractive. Laser cutters have a longer life than other cutters. This is because when cutting, the laser does not get into contact with the material being cut. Hence, a laser cannot wear out because there is no friction.

The current laser equipment has been installed with a computer screen. This enables a user to lay out a design of how he or she intends to cut. This machine is not limited on the work it can do. It is possible to carry out multiple jobs consecutively for a long time. There is no material that is too difficult for a laser to cut. It cuts all materials swiftly and easily.

Traditional mechanical cutting methods have large zones of heat. This factor increases chances of deforming the material being cut. When cutting with a laser, the heat zone is small. As a result, it decreases chances of a material deforming. This benefit is mostly significant when separating fitting boards. A worker can separate them perfectly without damaging either of them.

Accuracy of any cutting tool can be challenged by thickness of a material. When cutting with a laser, this is not a problem at all. A laser is capable of cutting any kind of thickness and still maintains accuracy. In addition a user can make combination of material in one operation of cutting. As a worker does all this work, he or she does not any protective gear or devices. It is safe to use this equipment since its energy is produced by electrical power.

Opponents of this equipment might argue that it uses electrical power hence, uneconomical. This shortcoming is outweighed by the numerous advantages. Using a laser for all cuttings is the solution to all cutting needs anyone would have. It is convenient efficient and accurate for all cuttings required. Enhance your cutting skills today by purchasing a laser cutter.

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Standing The Test Of Time

Posted on June 14, 2013 at 1:28 pm

Laser engraving is the act of etching an object by removing surface material to showcase a desired message, design, image or art through the use of a laser engraving machine. A laser engraving machine is generally composed of a laser and a controller. The laser beam enables the controller to etch patterns onto surfaces where using lasers are possible. Some of the surfaces that can be laser engraved are woods, latex, acrylic styrene, certain plastics, kevlar, stainless steel, stone, glass and jewellery.

The permanence of laser engraving depends on the surface and the use of the object that was laser engraved. For instance, soft metals like jewellery may get scratched. They may blur after several years due to constant contact with the wearer’s skin. Laser engraving on harder metals will last longer. For a bit more permanence, this type of engraving is the way to go.

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Everything you need to know about Vacuum Filters

Posted on May 29, 2013 at 9:48 am

Vacuum filters refer to cleaning devices, which use air pumps to generate voids that suck up dust and dirt from surfaces and floors. The sucked dirt is collected by cyclone or dust bag. They use the difference in pressure that is normally created by vacuum pump located above and below the filter baffle plate. Vacuum filters are commonly used in homes, chemical and other industrial applications. They come in various sizes ranging from the small hand-held ones, domestic central vacuum cleaners to huge stationary industrial appliances. The advancement of technology has seen the introduction of self-controlled vacuum trucks used for recovery of large spills.

Special Features
Buyers should look for the following features if they want to obtain efficient and effective filters.
Storage-They should have clips to attach the nozzle of the cleaner to the body to enable the hose to stay upright. The Upright position provides a better way of storing dirt.
Replacement feature of the vacuum cleaners. The filters clog up hence the need to change at least twice a year. Buyers should inquire if spare filters are included in replacement packs of bags to avoid spending extra money on filters.

Availability of accessories-The vacuum cleaners need to come with additional nozzles and brushes. These can be used for cleaning curtains and upholstery, edges of skirting boards and other items. Buyers should also consider purchasing those with space to store additional nozzles on the board.

Reach-The cleaners should have long cords and a hose to make them convenient for cleaning stairs. The long cords also help the users to clean over a large area without unplugging from the socket. It is also an advantage to houses that don’t have many power sockets.

The volume-They should test the amount of dust that the cleaners can hold or the space of the container. Depending on the buyer’s needs, they can choose medium ones with a capacity of 2-4 liters or the large one above 4 liters.

Types of Vacuum filters

Vacuum media filters-Among this category is the Spunbond polypropylene filter. It is reliable in terms of availability in various sizes and can also multitask. It is resistant to various components of modern coolants and it’s less expensive to use.

Pressure filter media-The High Capacity Media that was launched can engineer non-woven fabrics. It uses the difference in density technique to separate particles. These media can be found in various parameters and working efficiencies.

Vacuum filtration-in this category there is the Hydraulic Vacuum filters. It can handle more viscous fluids, provides better quality at less cost. It can also be totally automated.

Compact Band filters-It can filter contaminated coolants to provide very fine purification as well as being capable for gun drilling and honing. It has higher filtration ability, low maintenance and easy to use.

Modern developments in these devices

Upright cleaners-are common in Britain and United States. They have a cleaning head that is attached to a bag and a handle.
Canister models-Have dust collectors and motor in separate units. They are highly flexible as they can allow the user to connect different heads to perform different tasks.
Advantages of using them

Less energy consumption-Since these filters use only one pump to create vacuum and pressure, they consume less power compared to compact band filters.Portability-Most of these cleaners especially those used at home are highly portable thus making it easy for them to be used conveniently. This also makes them to be used in almost each place where they can fit.

Flexibility-Some cleaners as the canister models are flexible since they can allow an individual to fit in different heads to make them perform various tasks. This makes them to multitask.

Vacuum filters have been gaining popularity in the cleaning industry. They provide a faster, efficient and reliable way cleaning homes. To get the best quality, buyers should consider evaluating the above mentioned features before making any purchase.

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Engraved Name Plates that can have many different uses

Posted on May 21, 2013 at 2:45 pm

Engraved name plates are important and are used for different reasons and in different environments. They can be given to members of your family, friends and even colleagues. They can be put on almost anything. Engraving of nameplate is an art in itself as it requires a lot of care and thought in order to make a one of a kind nameplate.

What makes engraving of name plates interesting is the fact that you can use different materials to do your engraving on. Engraving can be done on materials such as wood, brass, copper, plastic and even gold. Engraved name plates come in various sizes, shapes and colours. They are used in different settings be it formal or even informal. They hold names of people and the position they hold, buildings, streets and even products.

The purpose of the name plates depends on where they are found. For instance, in most offices they are mounted on the doors to identify the name of the person found in that office, the position he or she holds. Therefore, a new employee or even a client can know which office to go to for their needs to be met. This also helps the clients to be able to interact with the company personnel on a positive, personal level. Street name plates and building name plates act as a map. They help a person to know where they are and in which direction they should be moving. They ensure that people do not get lost especially if you are new in town.

The material on which engraving is done depends on various reasons. First, you have to identify the purpose of the engraved nameplate. Name plates for industrial use are mostly engraved on stainless steel, aluminium and titanium. The thickness of the material also varies. Name plates that are used as awards are more for prestige and therefore are mostly engraved on gold, silver and bronze. The locations on which the nameplate will be placed also need to be known prior to the engraving so that the person doing the work will choose the right material. For instance, stone is the preferred material when making a headstone for a grave. This is simply due to the fact that the stone is a material that can withstand the harshest of weathers.

The cost of the engraved name plates also varies for various reasons. The type of material which will be used plays a major role in determining the cost of nameplate. For instance, a nameplate engraved in gold will cost a fortune while the one using wood or even plastic is not that expensive. The thickness of the plaque or even the density of the material being used is also essential in determining the cost of the nameplate. For instance, 0.005 kg of gold will cost less than 0.05 kg of gold. The number of name plates needed is also a requirement when determining the cost.
Engraving of name plates can be done in various different styles. They can either be two dimensional or even three dimensional. They can also be customized to suit your needs.

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Laser Cutting Machines

Posted on May 3, 2013 at 3:40 pm

Laser cutting mechanisms are intended for force and accuracy giving you a monetary preference. Co2 laser cutting machines ensure ideal comes about by decreasing the aggregate work time. Since the machines cut at elevated speeds, they guarantee that you invest the slightest conceivable time to achieve the work. Provided that you have enormous loads of materials to be cut, you won’t invest a lot of time implying that you upgrade client fulfillment therefore raising a great association with your customers.

Besides, the aforementioned cutting gadgets build generation quality. To draw in clients, quality administration conveyance is fundamental. Materials that are cut with laser machines are of the most astounding guidelines with no cutting deformations. The cutting is exact, spotless and noiseless. The aforementioned machines have shaft light that concentrates on amazingly little surface territory of between 0.1 and 1 mm in distance across.

An additional viewpoint with the aforementioned machines is that the zone in vicinity to the cut edges is not changed by high temperature. On occasion, you need to cut the material in complex shapes and this is where Co2 laser cutting machines prove to be useful. The machines can work in complex profiles and can process exceptionally modest flashes of arch. The shaft light does not push mechanical force on the material implying that there is nonattendance of wear.

You can utilize the machine to cut materials autonomous of hardness significance you will get generally the best quality in basically all materials, which you cut. If it is covered, surface treated materials or distinctive materials like plastic, wood and metal, you will get palatable outcomes. The machine can effortlessly be reconciled with other mechanized frameworks giving you adaptability in acquiring the effects you need.

Assuming that there is sudden change in processing needs, you can besides alter the machine to convey to needs. There are times when you have expanded workloads that you need to fulfill. The machine can acclimate instantly to updates in workloads guaranteeing that proficiency is upgraded all through the technique. Co2 laser cutting machines can diminish the expenses of handling as a result of the fast cutting.

Also, since the machine produces finalized bits of materials that don’t need further handling like getting done, cleaning or de-burring, this unquestionably decreases the measure of time taken to finish the work. You can accomplish more stupendous workloads without fundamentally expanding the labor further keeping up the expenses of presentations at flat levels. Diverse materials like plastic, wood, and metal could be cut with this machine.

The machine takes into account clean cuts of thermoplastic materials with cleaned edges. The unlucky deficiency of anxiety and misshapening of materials guarantees that unpredictable shapes are cut at exceptionally heightened paces. Polyesters and polycarbonates might likewise be cut correctly with the device. Characteristic engineered elastic with thickness of up to 20 mm could additionally be cut with utilization of medium force Co2 laser cutting machines. Woodcutting might be realized with great comes about and uniform grooves all through the whole length of the piece.

The Co2 laser cutting machines might be utilized as a part of checking and cutting of trim wood pieces making them perfect for handcrafts, inside wood outfitting, and blessing things plan. Similarly as with paper material, it is effectively cut with utilization of level power laser machine. Notwithstanding the abnormal amounts of surface reflectivity in metals, the laser pillar causes shallow combination, which in turn affects a cutting process. In any case, not all metals are cut with the laser shaft.

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Welcome to our new blog

Posted on May 3, 2013 at 3:31 pm

Welcome One to One Engravers, our new blog site for everything to do with Engraving, Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting and general technology.

Keep an eye on our website over the coming weeks and months as we regularly post new updates and information.

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