Engraved Name Plates that can have many different uses

Posted on May 21, 2013 at 2:45 pm

Engraved name plates are important and are used for different reasons and in different environments. They can be given to members of your family, friends and even colleagues. They can be put on almost anything. Engraving of nameplate is an art in itself as it requires a lot of care and thought in order to make a one of a kind nameplate.

What makes engraving of name plates interesting is the fact that you can use different materials to do your engraving on. Engraving can be done on materials such as wood, brass, copper, plastic and even gold. Engraved name plates come in various sizes, shapes and colours. They are used in different settings be it formal or even informal. They hold names of people and the position they hold, buildings, streets and even products.

The purpose of the name plates depends on where they are found. For instance, in most offices they are mounted on the doors to identify the name of the person found in that office, the position he or she holds. Therefore, a new employee or even a client can know which office to go to for their needs to be met. This also helps the clients to be able to interact with the company personnel on a positive, personal level. Street name plates and building name plates act as a map. They help a person to know where they are and in which direction they should be moving. They ensure that people do not get lost especially if you are new in town.

The material on which engraving is done depends on various reasons. First, you have to identify the purpose of the engraved nameplate. Name plates for industrial use are mostly engraved on stainless steel, aluminium and titanium. The thickness of the material also varies. Name plates that are used as awards are more for prestige and therefore are mostly engraved on gold, silver and bronze. The locations on which the nameplate will be placed also need to be known prior to the engraving so that the person doing the work will choose the right material. For instance, stone is the preferred material when making a headstone for a grave. This is simply due to the fact that the stone is a material that can withstand the harshest of weathers.

The cost of the engraved name plates also varies for various reasons. The type of material which will be used plays a major role in determining the cost of nameplate. For instance, a nameplate engraved in gold will cost a fortune while the one using wood or even plastic is not that expensive. The thickness of the plaque or even the density of the material being used is also essential in determining the cost of the nameplate. For instance, 0.005 kg of gold will cost less than 0.05 kg of gold. The number of name plates needed is also a requirement when determining the cost.
Engraving of name plates can be done in various different styles. They can either be two dimensional or even three dimensional. They can also be customized to suit your needs.

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