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Engraved Wedding Rings with Fingerprint

Posted on March 30, 2018 at 8:33 am

When people refer to having their wedding rings engaged, it often means they’re having their name and date added to the back of the ring in a nice and clean font. That’s the case for most people, however, there are some different options to choose from, and it’s all thanks to today’s technology. What more couples are doing, is adding their fingerprint to the back of the ring. You simply have your finger print scanned, and then it’s made into a print, which can be engraved on the inside or the outside of your wedding ring, crafted in any chosen precious metal, style and width combination, with or without additional characters. It’s a really cool thing to do but you can also get more creative and engrave a heart shape, styled from both the bride and groom’s fingerprints across a wedding ring set of similar widths. This works really well and it will certainly wow your friends and family members, whilst making for perfect addition to your Instagram feed!

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Laser Engraving Machine For Sale For Cutting Edge Imprinting

Posted on March 3, 2018 at 8:19 pm

Laser engraving process was once a service saved just for end hardware makers, gem crafters, and metal specialists has now gotten to be inside arm’s span of most business and individual purchasers inspired by giving their tokens a one of a kind and individual touch. Laser engraving can be really fun for those who possess the right laser engraving equipment and the right skills. Most engraving techniques involve ink and their heads wear out quickly for they constantly come in contact with the surface. With laser engraving machines for sale there is no need for such mess. Any laser engraving equipment requires two main things, firstly a laser and then a controller. A laser resembles a pencil and emits a beam which helps in drawing patterns.  (more…)

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Improving stock production levels with laser cutting machines

Posted on February 27, 2018 at 9:35 pm

Many businesses are looking for feasible options when it comes to increasing stock production, all whilst maintaining great quality. Laser cutting is the process in which materials are cut using lasers, producing items of great quality for a very good price. With industries gaining a very fast pace, there is need to reduce on cost of production, and increasing the quantity. Laser technology has been with us for some 50 years now and it is gaining more traction. The advances made in laser technology has led to the improvement of good quality cut products and cutting speeds. This has led to lower costs, and has led to the opening up of new avenues for the technology.

Industries have been gaining pace over the years and they seem not to be slowing down. But with the number of industries popping up yearly, they need to find ways of reducing costs to remain relevant within the industry. With laser technology industries can be able to improve on their stock production.

There are many benefits of incorporating laser cutting machines to your own company’s stock production. We have compiled a list to explain the main reasons to invest in a laser cutter for your own business:

Long Lives- Laser cutting machines have a long shelf life and thus will be able give a longer service. This can also be improved using fiber laser cutting as it has 25,000 hours of service life. Thus they will run for a long period and give maximum output.

Control- The machines offer control over the beam heat output as well as duration and the intensity. Therefore, the effect of the lasers on the material is highly regulated. It also offers the ability to control the cutting position as compared to mechanical cutting.

No contact- Since the lasers are not touching the material, the heat emitted will only be concentrated on the material reducing heat damage. And also there are less moving parts that will wear out. This makes it become more cost effective and now there are fewer parts to be replaced.

Multiple uses- It is not restricted to just metals but can be used to cut even diamonds, glass and a host of other material. With this, it reduces on the cost of specified cutting machines in the industry and becomes a one-for-all type of machine.

Easy to maintain- these machines are made to be cleaned easily and if done on a daily basis, they will continue to produce great quality cutting for a longer period of time. Once a week, the machines should have a through clean, whilst being serviced yearly is highly advised to increase the lifespan of the machine.

Quality- Laser cutting machines have improved dramatically over the years, so the quality of the cut is precise and well controlled, producing great quality products every time.

Laser cutting machines have innumerable benefits that will help improve the stock production levels of the industry. As the technology gains more ground, the benefits are set to increase.

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Branding your company car with vinyl stickers

Posted on January 28, 2018 at 2:35 pm

Vehicle branding is one of the popular marketing techniques used by commercial companies as a form of advertising their brand. Vinyl stickers can be applied to many different types of vehicles from large commercial trucks to the small personal cars. Is it an effective form of marketing?

It absolutely can be, otherwise companies wouldn’t be splashing out hundreds or thousands of pounds on it. If you have many lorries on the road, not only will you make them more professional by adding your branding, you’ll also ensure that thousands of people see your logo each and every day, and even if they have no interest in your products, the name may stay with them! Even by adding a logo or product photo to your lorry or car, you’re promoting brand awareness and building brand recognition, so it’s certainly worth doing in our eyes.

Vinyl stickers are more convenient than ordinary paper prints owing to their resistance to all forms of tear and wear. This complex material is also weather resistant and can be used anywhere with guaranteed durability.

Material composition

Vinyl is a synthetic and resilient type of plastic created from a combination of chlorine and ethylene elements; both of which are found in crude oil and table salt. Through some chemical reaction of the two elements; a final product called polyvinyl chloride or vinyl is obtained. Stickers made from vinyl represent an effective and economical way to get any message out to the public or the intended few with less of a hassle.

Vinyl stickers can also be used strictly for informational purposes. This way, vinyl cut stickers are used to represent individual letters or numbers rather logos or images. Most printing companies will provide its customers with a wide variety of letter sizes and fonts to choose from so as to suit their varying test and preferences. The individual stickers too, remain legible for quite long and provides an affordable, consistent and self-promoting form of advertisement.

Printing process

Digital printers are mostly used to print vinyl material employing the CMYK printing process. This method of printing is cost effective and also produces high quality and attractive prints. Then it’s merely a case of using a vinyl cutting machine to create the perfect shape for the specific area of the vehicle. Some logos may need to be applied to tricky places, so measuring the area and the angle of where the vinyl print needs to be placed is of utmost importance. Usually, a team of professionals will come out to check your vehicle before they go away and create the vinyl.

Benefits of vinyl stickers

The rising demand for the use of vinyl stickers in vehicle branding owes to the following advantages;

Durable and affordable

  • Vinyl is resistant to moisture and humidity
  • Vinyl can produce bright and colourful images
  • Vinyl comes in gloss, matte and semi-gloss varieties
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Vehicles branded from vinyl can easily be re-branded. It leaves no sticky residues.


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