Everything you need to know about Vacuum Filters

Posted on May 29, 2013 at 9:48 am

Vacuum filters refer to cleaning devices, which use air pumps to generate voids that suck up dust and dirt from surfaces and floors. The sucked dirt is collected by cyclone or dust bag. They use the difference in pressure that is normally created by vacuum pump located above and below the filter baffle plate. Vacuum filters are commonly used in homes, chemical and other industrial applications. They come in various sizes ranging from the small hand-held ones, domestic central vacuum cleaners to huge stationary industrial appliances. The advancement of technology has seen the introduction of self-controlled vacuum trucks used for recovery of large spills.

Special Features
Buyers should look for the following features if they want to obtain efficient and effective filters.
Storage-They should have clips to attach the nozzle of the cleaner to the body to enable the hose to stay upright. The Upright position provides a better way of storing dirt.
Replacement feature of the vacuum cleaners. The filters clog up hence the need to change at least twice a year. Buyers should inquire if spare filters are included in replacement packs of bags to avoid spending extra money on filters.

Availability of accessories-The vacuum cleaners need to come with additional nozzles and brushes. These can be used for cleaning curtains and upholstery, edges of skirting boards and other items. Buyers should also consider purchasing those with space to store additional nozzles on the board.

Reach-The cleaners should have long cords and a hose to make them convenient for cleaning stairs. The long cords also help the users to clean over a large area without unplugging from the socket. It is also an advantage to houses that don’t have many power sockets.

The volume-They should test the amount of dust that the cleaners can hold or the space of the container. Depending on the buyer’s needs, they can choose medium ones with a capacity of 2-4 liters or the large one above 4 liters.

Types of Vacuum filters

Vacuum media filters-Among this category is the Spunbond polypropylene filter. It is reliable in terms of availability in various sizes and can also multitask. It is resistant to various components of modern coolants and it’s less expensive to use.

Pressure filter media-The High Capacity Media that was launched can engineer non-woven fabrics. It uses the difference in density technique to separate particles. These media can be found in various parameters and working efficiencies.

Vacuum filtration-in this category there is the Hydraulic Vacuum filters. It can handle more viscous fluids, provides better quality at less cost. It can also be totally automated.

Compact Band filters-It can filter contaminated coolants to provide very fine purification as well as being capable for gun drilling and honing. It has higher filtration ability, low maintenance and easy to use.

Modern developments in these devices

Upright cleaners-are common in Britain and United States. They have a cleaning head that is attached to a bag and a handle.
Canister models-Have dust collectors and motor in separate units. They are highly flexible as they can allow the user to connect different heads to perform different tasks.
Advantages of using them

Less energy consumption-Since these filters use only one pump to create vacuum and pressure, they consume less power compared to compact band filters.Portability-Most of these cleaners especially those used at home are highly portable thus making it easy for them to be used conveniently. This also makes them to be used in almost each place where they can fit.

Flexibility-Some cleaners as the canister models are flexible since they can allow an individual to fit in different heads to make them perform various tasks. This makes them to multitask.

Vacuum filters have been gaining popularity in the cleaning industry. They provide a faster, efficient and reliable way cleaning homes. To get the best quality, buyers should consider evaluating the above mentioned features before making any purchase.

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