The Benefits of Waterjet Cutting Machines

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 12:47 pm

Do know that water can be used to slice a sophisticated material like thick steel slabs or a fragile material like cake? Can you imagine a bone surgery being done using water as cutting equipment? A jet of water, when pressurised up to 50,000 PSI is a powerful cutting and slicing equipment that can be used in many ways applications.

Waterjet-based cutting is cutting process which makes use of a strong jet of water to cut many materials like metal, wood, plastics, glass, textiles and ceramics. Thin, pressurized jets of water flowing through a small nozzle can slice through materials of different thicknesses.

Waterjet Cutting Machine is a preferred cutting tool for many reasons. They include:

There is no heat affected area on the material that is being cut. Because of that, the properties of the material that is being cut remain unchanged. There is no risk of cracking or shrinking.
There are no dust particles or fumes. It does not make use of aggressive chemicals. This makes it a remarkably environment friendly cutting tool.

The overall finish on the part that has been cut using a Waterjet Cutting Machine is superior to parts that are produced using other types cutting tools. A clean finish helps in avoiding secondary finishing tasks like polishing, milling or drilling.

The machine can be used to cut complex, tight-tolerance shapes with complex corners. This makes it a great cutting tool for automobile, aerospace and other similar components.

Apart from being cost-effective, this method also saves a lot of time. If used correctly, it will improve the efficiency of operation on a project. The initial set-up cost of the cutting tool is slightly more, but in the long run, the cost per part is considerably low.

The machine can be used with a wide variety of materials like wood, tiles, plastic, leather, glass, alloys and metals, and even food products. Actually, Waterjet Cutting Machine has also been used in surgical procedures.

Thus, waterjet cutting technique is one of the most efficient and affordable cutting techniques. Sometimes, reflective materials like brass and copper can’t be perfectly cut by lasers. Also, lasers aren’t the best choice to cut materials like wood and plastics. Waterjet is the best cutting tool in such applications. They are very powerful and precise cutting tools and the method offers great return on investments for both small and large part quantities.

With nearly every company now using CNC machines to cut using waterjet, it is possible to achieve the highest level of accuracy and precision on the most complex parts. Depending on the type of the material to be cut, abrasive or plain-laced jet of water can be used. Abrasives are usually added to give the Waterjet Cutting Machine more power to slice through tougher materials.

There are many applications and uses of a waterjet in modern commercial, industrial and decorative applications. The machine is widely used to create flooring inlays, create precision parts for industrial use, cut logos or decorative panels for architectural purposes, and so on.

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