The transformation of aluminium panels

Posted on August 30, 2013 at 12:42 pm

With the improvement of the usage of aluminium, producers of the metallic panels used for building structures such as trade show booths and makeshift ceilings are no longer using plain aluminium panels. The use of bonded aluminium material to make lighter aluminium panels is now the norm. The bond results in the formation of aluminum composite panels which are composed of two aluminium sheets bonded together by a non- aluminium core.

The use of ACPs short for Aluminium Composite Panels is widespread as they are cheap, efficient and durable. In the construction industry it is used to build temporary elements such as false ceilings, internal and external architectural cladding, signage, machine coverings and many more applications. With their flexibility and rigid nature they are now used for mounting artistic and photographic displays. The bare fact that they are so easy to process, form,design and install makes them such attractive, utility materials.

Besides its low cost and other attractive features mentioned above, the aluminium composite panels innovation which is an improvement of aluminium panels has many more useful characteristics.

The advantages

  • They insulate sound by damping vibration which means they have excellent sound transmission loss characteristics.
  • They can be innovatively designed with many colors as they have limitless color options.
  • They are also fire resistant for the specially produced high quality aluminum composite panels which have non halogen fire resistance polyethylene core between them.
  • With their light weight features they are easily bent, cut and shaped into various shapes and designs.
  • By using them you get to save on project time as they are easy to cut,bend,form,design, rivet and stick together.
  • However, even with their superb characteristics, the aluminium composite panels also have their disadvantages that you need to be aware of if you decide to use them.

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