Laser cutting put simply

Posted on October 15, 2017 at 10:39 am

Laser cutting is a way of cutting a specific design out of a variety of materials using a direct laser beam. The precise cutting of a laser beam is directed at the material and a clean edge is created as gas in also jetted in to clear away the debris.

The high quality finish and smooth edge is what gives a laser cutting machine its advantage over a general cutting machine, which uses more time, effort and energy. The Laser cutting machine means your business can have a larger production rate as items are cut quicker, while you also save on energy usage too.

A laser cutting machine is able to cut designs that have been programmed into a CAD (computer aided design), making complicated designs quick and easy, while still maintaining a quality finish. Another advantage of a laser cutting machine is the lowered chance of distortion that can come from cutting of materials, this is reduced due to the narrow direct laser beam used.

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