Understanding The Different Types Of Laser Cutting Materials

Posted on October 27, 2016 at 8:00 pm

Laser cutting materials are used by a laser cutting machine in the production process. Since lasers are specialized machines they can only be used to cut certain types of materials.

Examples of materials that can be cut with a laser cutting machine are: Wood sheets, paper, card, clear cast acrylic, acrylic sheets, styrene, abs, polypropylene and other types of plastics. Depending on the material, there is usually no limit to the thinness of the material to be cut. However laser cutting is restricted when it comes to cutting very thick materials. But this can come down to the availability of equipment used by the manufacturer.

With regards to engraving a much broader range of materials can be etched upon. Examples include: Ceramic, glass, mirrors and aluminium. Etching can be done more easily and on more materials due to the fact the laser does not need to be as powerful. This

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