Compact And Convenient – Desktop Laser Marking Systems

Posted on January 23, 2017 at 6:29 pm

Desktop laser marking systems are used to create highly accurate and clean laser etchings using a laser mark-making system, which is contained in a smaller, desktop sized package.

The individual quality of each system depends largely on the laser technology used, examples of high quality lasers include MOPA Fiber Laser or Nd:YAG. But the actual laser that is used depends on the quality and cost of the system itself.

Laser marking systems like these are often trolley mounted, adding to the mobility and convenience a system of this size brings. They are operated manually and used for a variety of different engraving tasks. This makes them suitable for various working environments, such as jewelry shops, hygiene centric scenarios, medical equipment manufacture and food packaging.

Compact systems are often cheaper than larger models, making them perfect for smaller businesses or individual professionals. They are often PC compatible, which allows for a wide range of features to be added.






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