Fibre Lasers – How Do They Work

Posted on July 30, 2014 at 4:21 pm

Fibre lasers are unlike any other cutting machine and that’s because they use a laser to target an area of metal and melt it, while gas is then used to drive away the molten metal. This machine is suited to metallic materials and that’s because it needs to conduct heat, which is easy to do with aluminium and stainless steel.

These machines are not the most expensive on the market but they’re certainly not the cheapest, and some of the large industrial pipe cutting fibre laser machines are high end and extremely high in price. They’re an innovative invention and they do not require a great deal of maintenance either. This is because optical adjustments do not need to be made and there are no lights that need replacing.

You have to be skilled to use this type of machine though, and it’s certainly one that’s built for the engineering and industrial sectors. It definately takes a lot to break through metal accurately, but these machines will easily cut through hefty chunks.

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