Engraving Business

Posted on October 25, 2020 at 3:19 pm

Have you ever wondered how products are engraved and whether you could make a successful business selling personalised products? 

Firstly you need a product idea and consider your market.  Equipment to engrave on a large scale is very expensive and ultimately can prove too costly to purchase if you are considering a small scale business.   There are options to rent engraving machines.  

The opportunities  to earn money engraving is endless from baby christening items, jewellery, pens, glassware, mirrors to wood, leather and acrylic.  

 Products can be sold in bulk or as individual personalised items.  They are many platforms in which to sell.  The internet is a great marketplace with a far reaching audience.  Craft fairs, boutique shops and markets are other great place to sell individual unique piece. 

If you plan to engrave as a hobby there are craft engravers you can purchase from craft stores.  These offer a limited range of engraving techniques. 

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