Completely Automated Control Processes

Posted on July 14, 2016 at 3:16 pm

Its common that most control processes have fully automated settings, controls that can function completely autonomously, independent of almost all human control.

An autonomous control process is made use of in big plants that use complicated technologies. This is due to the fact that these complex production plants are often completely made up of processes that are too complicated to be done by manual control. As a result, those processes are handled by machinery and robotic functions.

However, there is a share of automatic control between human and automatic input. This share generally tends to increase toward automation, even though in the more complex cases this growth is checked by the lack of suitable algorithms. Thus supervisory control will always remain necessary until algorithmization of all aspects of technological processes is completed.

There still remains methodological processes that will need to be resolved for completely automated control processes to be fully implemented.

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