Best petroleum cutting systems available for you

Posted on March 21, 2014 at 5:24 pm

Petrogen cutting systems are high quality technologies used by professionals such as soldiers and engineers to cut through steel. They are also very useful to rescue and search teams in tackling the most difficult obstacles that require steel cutting systems . They have a wide range of applications because they are available in interchangeable designs . This means that petrogen parts are usable in any tip ,torch or tank configuration. Petrogen cutting systems are therefore designed to meet all your steel cutting requirements. They easily adopt to your everchanging needs due to their versatilty.

Advantages of Petrogen Cutting Systems

– They are easily portable due to their smaller fuel tank and lighter fuel;
-They use standard gasoline which is readily available in most places;
– They have high safety levels because their fuel lines have no vapour and therefore there are limited chances of fuel line back flash ;
– They are more economic because they use gasoline instead of acytelene which is more expensive;
-They have high performance levels because oxy- gasoline flame cuts faster ,more precise and has no residual slag;
– They are more friendly to the environment because gasolene flame is highly oxidising and therefore airborne contamination is minimised.

In view of the many clear advantages of petrogen cutting systems, they should be your steel cutting technologies of choice

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