Aluminium Panels – The Preferred Choice for Control Systems

Posted on October 31, 2014 at 9:21 am

Aluminium panels continue to be the most preferred material for use in control systems and a wide range of other devices. Manufacturers of these panels are well aware of the fact that the requirements of different persona vary considerably and so they are machined in a way that suits the specific needs of every client. The aluminium panel’s offer well designed enclosures that work well for display and control purposes. The varied user friendly products can be assembled as well as dissembled in the front control panel. It’s also possible for the control panels to be equipped with excellent membranes in order to guarantee that it is able to operate well.

High level of scratch and solvent resistance has endeared panels made from aluminium to those who want to use them for control purposes. The technology used to manufacture the panels is the best and there are various thickness levels which users can choose from. Other than the small sized, you can still be able to choose one that measures 2m by 1m. During the manufacture stage, the skilled team of manufacturers ensures that the metal is properly dyed. This makes it easier to place your prints, logos, legends and texts 20 microns below the surface of the panel.

The panels are easy to maintain. The hassle free maintenance routine which aluminium made panels offer contributes to making it the preferred choice for those who want to install and use the panels for control purposes. Any dust that settles on the panel can be wiped off with a clean cloth. The ease of maintenance also makes the panel stay newer for quite a long period of time. Also, aluminium panels are self healing especially when scratched. Even when an organic paint film is not applied on the aluminium surface, it’s quite hard for it to pick rust. The outer surfaces of the panels offer guaranteed protection for at least 15 years. This is not possible especially when competing choices such as steel is used.

To ensure that the aluminium panel fits perfectly well, manufacturers ensure that all the key components are CNC machined. All the measurements and other related issues are worked on perfectly well by skilled technicians who don’t have room for errors in their delicate machining tasks. As a result, the overall installation process gets much easier. Also, the technical support that is always available and this helps in ensuring that those who use the panels for control purposes get the technical assistance which they need quickly.

The aluminium front panels are suited to various industries that employ precise electronic type applications. Even in very harsh environments, the panels are building to last. Even in very demanding industries such as transport and marine, there are great choices that can meet the needs of the task at hand. The manufacturers of the aluminium panels are dedicated to quality and excellence in the manufacture of this product. The front panels can be used in industries such as medical, defense, computing, telecommunication and others where control is highly necessary.

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