Laser Engraving On Different Surfaces

Posted on August 27, 2015 at 3:20 pm

Laser engraving is a versatile mark-making procedure. With the ability to create images and text with pinpoint accuracy, laser engraving holds many advantages over other methods of etching and engraving.

One significant advantage laser engraving has is in the ability of creating engravings on a host of different surfaces. Glass, plastic, rubber, even fruit can be engraved upon. This allows an engraver to create designs for many applications.

When engraving there are some notable differences the engraving has between the different materials. Engraving makes a permanent etching on a material, because of this the hardness and texture of the surface will impact the image or text that is being engraved. It is important to keep this in mind, varying materials give varying results for the final engraving.

An example of this is the difference of engraving on perishable goods in comparison to solid objects. A laser engraving will only remain on the perishable item for a certain amount of time, as the item is slowly worn down. Where as a solid object will hold an engraving for much longer due to the rigidity of the object.

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