How a Service Design Consultant Can Help You

Posted on June 24, 2015 at 11:30 am

Service design is the latest buzzword in the service industry. It is the process of ensuring that goods and services are offered in an efficient manner that is to the customer’s liking so that customers will keep coming back to the business with the patronage. This is a very important process because it helps you to reduce the cost of doing business by eliminating superfluous processes while ensuring the best possible customer satisfaction.

Companies are calling in service design consultants in order to help them retain customers in order to get repeated business because this is far cheaper than conducting marketing and sales promotion activities to get new customers. A lot of companies are realizing the importance of designing their products and services around the needs of the customer. However, this is something that can rarely be done by a person who is not specifically trained for it. Designing services is a multidisciplinary approach and it incorporates aspects of creative design practice, management consulting and social sciences. As a result, many companies looking to increase profitability and revenues are calling in service design consultants to help them make the necessary changes.

A design consultancy will be able to use the existing infrastructure including manpower in order to improve the quality of interaction between the service provider and the end user in a mutually beneficial manner. These consultants will make a detailed study of your business practices as well as existing infrastructure and customer base and help you identify plenty of new commercial opportunities for the product or service you currently offer. In some cases this can involve extending your offering to your existing customers. In other cases, it can mean finding new customers for your services. The consultant will be able to arrive at the answers by analyzing the experiences that your customers face.

Consultants in designing services use sample online questionnaires and creative focus groups amongst other tools in order to understand what your customers really want. There are many business practices that you might have been following without really giving too much thought for the reasons. A consultant will bring a fresh perspective to your style of operating as well as your standard operating procedures. In fact, some of your services might even be configured from scratch.

If you have certain business ideas but are unsure of how to proceed in a manner that is most beneficial for you, a consultant will help to turn it into reality. A design consultancy will provide you with a lot of insight into what motivates your customer to use your service and what the customer experiences while using this. This will help you operate your business with a great emphasis on what your customer needs. Your employees will also work with a greater emphasis on customer satisfaction.

You will also be able to offer them the right training programs to help them offer better service to customers. There are many service design consultants available these days because more companies are understanding their importance.

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