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Posted on August 7, 2016 at 2:40 pm

Engraving is a process of the art of etching, cutting, or carving a design or mark with an engraving equipment onto a metal such as steel or non-metal like plastic. The engraving equipments are typically pushed into the metal plate in order to produce cut & design of the marking. The deeper the marking or design penetrates into the material, the wider the line becomes. The link between the engraving width and dipping depth is determined by the top-angle of the tool. Result could be a decorative design or mark in itself, as when gold or silver are engraved, or may offer an intaglio plate whenever copper is engraved or a relief print-block when wood is engraved.

Different engraving-machines exist to work through diverse methods of marking or on different materials. You can find a complete line of high-quality engraving machines for sale at prices that cannot be beat. Engraving machines are available in a broad range of product types, brands and versions to meet the client’s needs. There are several different business applications for engraving machines. The machines will satisfy all possible engraving needs – from those just beginning an engraving business, to professionals having their own sign or gift shops – there is always an engraver for a wide-range of clients. Typically, if you manufacture or work with materials such as all metals types, glass, wood, crystal, plastic & acrylic, ceramics, rubber or cardboard, you might be able to gain from the use of these machine types. Materials that can be engraved include gemstones, wood, metal, plastic, leather and stone.

You can get engraving equipment for every need, from manual engravers to fully computerised machines which make any engraving job a breeze. A few common types of engraving machines for sale include the Mechanical engraving-machine, Impact engraving machine, the laser engraver, the-jewelry engraver, Rotatory engraving machine, as well as the photo engraver. These are desktop & industrial engraving machines built-to-last and that provide solutions for every need. The machines can handle any engraving job your throw at them – gift & jewellery engraving, name tags & labels, awards & trophies, industrial marking, building & ADA signage, rubber stamps & model making, plaques & nameplates, key & locks, control panel and so much more.

It’s important to select the engraving equipment that you will need for today to help your business or company grow into tomorrow. Shop by type or brand, to find the right engraver machine for your specific need or contact us and we will help you choose the right engraver for your application! Ask for help from solution experts and consultants or opt for helpful online tools to help you determine which engraving machine can be of help with your current application need. Some of the questions that can help you determine which machine you need include:
What is your application? (what do you want to engrave? Is it engrave interior signage, badges, industrial parts?)
What exactly is to be engraved (think materials & applications)? What kind of material is your application or object made?
What are the dimensions (width, height, depth) of the largest and smallest object that you want to cut or mark with your new engraving machine?
Do you have any existing equipment or accessories you expect to work with the new engraver?
What type of power source is available?
How much dedicated space is available for the engraver? Or will it need to be moved regularly?
How often is the engraving machine going to be used? A few hours, one day or 24/7? What level of output does one require from the machine?
What’s your budget?
Do you need a desktop engraving machine or free standing?
Do you need or want the flexibility to engrave other things in the future?
Look for a supplier who will price match and provide free extras at no extra charge on most of their engraving machines for sale.

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