Lesser Known Uses Of Laser Engraving

Posted on October 12, 2015 at 9:52 pm

Laser engraving is often used to etch an image, word or number onto a product, with high precision and accuracy. It leaves a clean and accurate mark on a vast amount of materials. It’s because of this versatility that it is used so often and often on things you may not have noticed.

Medical equipment often has markings etched on by laser engraving machines. Medical equipment is well suited to the precise and clean markings created by a laser, as the equipment must be sterile to avoid contamination.

Automotive parts are often engraved upon using lasers. This includes highly engineered machine parts. These parts cannot be altered in weight or construction, so mark-making techniques that would tamper with this are avoided. This is a reason why lasers are used to label these parts as the light, un-intrusive etching of the laser has minimal impact on the parts.


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