How Efficient Engraving Materials Save Energy And Money

Posted on November 27, 2016 at 7:51 pm

All engraving materials cost some kind of energy to produce, transport and use. This is known as the embodied energy of the material, and determines it’s overall energy consumption up to the point of manufacture and usage. Understanding this process and how it saves energy can not only improve knowledge of the origin of a material, but can also serve a manufacturing company for many years. Allowing the company to reap the rewards of energy efficency¬†through understanding and application as to how it affects the cost of materials over time.

Embodied energy is the energy used throughout the lifecycle of the material; from the processing of raw materials, to manufacturing through to product delivery. If an engraving is constructed with poorly chosen materials, the embodied energy used could diminish or cancel out the benefits of years of sustainable use. In other words, using resources that are quickly accessable and applicable saves time and energy which in turn saves money over long periods of time.

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