Font Colour When Engraving

Posted on June 15, 2015 at 7:44 pm

In the last post we mentioned some of the advantages of varying the size of the font when engraving. This time we look at the colour of text.

Using different font colours can go a long way in communicating a certain message. When text is given a contrasting colour it can stand out from the traditional black text that is commonly used.

For example, when red is used it sends the message that what is written is of a cautionary nature. It can also be used as the colour for a warning message.

Its also important to consider the colour that the text is laid upon. When another colour is used to contrast against a primary one, it can send a different message entirely. For example when red is used but on a green background, the message could be of a festive nature as red and green are the traditional colours of the Christmas holidays.


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