Engraving Products – An Overview of Examples

Posted on November 17, 2015 at 5:41 pm

Engraving is a traditional process which has been updated through technology to become a unique way of producing quality goods. Physical engravings add a tactile feeling to an object, whether personal or not, an engraved item has a certain potency to it.

There are many engraved products available, here is an overview of some examples.


Glass ornaments, metal cups, medals and shields are examples of engraved awards. Often engraved with a date, team and competitor name on them, along with the event awarded for.


Tankards, Hip flasks and boxed pens are commonly offered as gifts at special events. A gift with an engraved message or a name adds a personal touch.


Rings, watches and bracelets are often engraved. Often offered as gifts to loved ones along with an initial or message.


Zippo lighters are often engraved with an initial or name. This adds a personal touch to an item which is frequently carried around.

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