Engraved Pots, Ideas and Inspirations

Posted on December 28, 2015 at 9:49 pm

A fantastic way to make the most out of a pot is to add an engraving to it. Almost any pot can be engraved, and doing so can add a personal and stylish touch to the pot.

One type of pot that works well with an engraving is an old pot that may be stylistically out of date, needing that newer touch.

Older, traditional pots can be found in markets and second hand stores. While their styling may not directly match newer home decorations, if it is engraved upon, it can have a visually striking effect.

A great example of this is to use medium to large, inexpensive, Greek or Versailles styled pot (it doesn’t have to be an original), then to add a modern engraving to it. This could be a word or image, but if its done in a stylish manner, it can transform an old object into something completely different.

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