Demystifying The Control Panel Manufacturer

Posted on November 21, 2013 at 9:46 am

Before defining a control panel manufacturer and their work, it is important to define the control panel. A control panel is a surface where instruments used to monitor a working system are placed. This is the point from which the individual controlling the system will identify the status of the system. These manufacturers benefit many industry players by developing other elements and providing solutions such as developing winding cables, winding wires, and various other handling components. It is such a diversification of the manufacturer that makes them very crucial in finding working solutions for problems that are bound to occur.

Process Control Systems

A good control panel manufacturer will ensure that the design used in developing the panels is easy to use and repair. Most of these panels have a universal design and can be used on the most basic machinery. Process control systems that make use control panels include pneumatics, motors, and pumps. The control panel is meant to provide is user with an interface and the appropriate feedback. The panel would normally be found at the operator station or the terminal box. These locations are generally easy to identify and locate. However, each panel is tailored to meet the specific needs of the machinery in question.

The Motor Control

Generally, a control panel manufacturer will be involved in the design and development of the motor control. This requires a reliable level of experience in the Ac and DC areas of expertise. When a project is initiated, the manufacturer provides the client with the advice on the best motor to use. This includes the motor control or even a complex multi-drive process. All this depends on the level of machinery that will be in use by the client. The manufacturer is also expected to provide a cost effective solution.


Software is also an important aspect of the modern control panel manufacturer. Old control panels are often equipped with knobs, push buttons, and other analog instruments. However, the modern control panel normally comprises of touch screens that feature advanced software. The manufacture is therefore expected to be with an advanced knowledge in the development of the software used by such panel. Projects run by industry players such as nuclear facilities, water facilities, and automotive factories make use of these panels. These are sensitive facilities that cannot afford any form of minor errors as they may have far-reaching consequences.

Project Management, Consultation, and Installation

Most of the clients who require a control panel will require a customised panel that satisfies their requirements. To identify the appropriate panel equipment will require the client to receive appropriate advice from the manufacturer. This advice will also incorporate the list of components that are cost effective. The consultation process leads to the project management and finally the installation. Once the panel is fitted on the machinery, the testing process can commence.

The control panel manufacturer is more than a manufacturer. The manufacturer has a host of responsibilities that see the client receive the best product and service. All this is aimed at ensuring that the involved parties function as expected. In the end, it is clear that what many people thought to be the sole function of the manufacturer is just but a part of a bigger picture, a bigger responsibility on the part of the manufacturer.

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