Compressed Air Dryer Solutions

Posted on October 30, 2013 at 10:27 am

In the modern world, air compressors are nearly an essential for any industry and manufacturing plants. The main purpose of the air compressor is to convert energy from the diesel or fuel source to kinetic energy for use in the industry. The process is easily accomplished by compressing air in pressurized air tanks. Compressed air plays a crucial role in homes and industries , the air is simple to use but it is complicated to create as well as high costs involved. A typical compressed air system is composed of distribution equipments, storage, cooling and compression compartments.   The compressor to be used depends on the reliability, cost, size and the kind of application run by the company. The application of compressed air dryers depends on the degree of dryness needed, consistency, cost and the climatic conditions prevailing in the place of operations. Compressed air dryers mainly function in the removal of contaminants, water and other things from the compressed air. The most effective way of drying compressed air is by cooling, collecting the moisture that undergoes condensation and then heating the air to the desired temperature. The dryers use different tools such as membrane filtration, desiccant adsorption, refrigeration and compression to remove all the water and contaminants in the air. Inline compressed and membrane technologies are used in these types of dryers, to prevent tool decomposition and problems associated with water.  When looking for compressed air dryers in the United Kingdom, the dew point, pressure, drying capacity, operating temperature and motor power are some of the factors to consider when buying it in the UK.

Drying capacity in this context is the maximum volume of air, which the dryer is at usually. Dew point on the other hand, is the measure of dryness , it is crucial in determining the water vapor present and the temperature in which the compressed air can get before turning to liquid form. Motor power is a value used in describing capacity, pressure and the dryer size, while the operating temperature refers to the ambient range of required temperature for the machine to function effectively. Compressed air dryers used in industries can be put into three categories these include refrigerant dryers, regenerative desiccant dryers and deliquescent dryers. Refrigerant dryers functions by cooling the incoming air to 1-3 degree Celsius, this is the temperature at which water condenses which in turn is collected in the separator. The desiccant is a salt derivative and it dissolves the water and collects at the lower side of the tank making easy to be removed. The main idea behind the use of a chloride or salt derived desiccant is that they tend to have a high affinity for water. Regenerative dryers mostly use silica gel as the desiccant to absorb moisture and absorb any contaminant this makes the air achieve dew point of -40 degree Celsius, which is the lowest temperature when compared to the others. The lower dew points ensure that no water condenses in the system even at super low temperatures.

In summary dryers are essential in the optimal functioning of the industrial plants and the effectiveness of various industrial machines.

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