The Benefits of Waterjet Cutting Machines

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 12:47 pm

Do know that water can be used to slice a sophisticated material like thick steel slabs or a fragile material like cake? Can you imagine a bone surgery being done using water as cutting equipment? A jet of water, when pressurised up to 50,000 PSI is a powerful cutting and slicing equipment that can be used in many ways applications.

Waterjet-based cutting is cutting process which makes use of a strong jet of water to cut many materials like metal, wood, plastics, glass, textiles and ceramics. Thin, pressurized jets of water flowing through a small nozzle can slice through materials of different thicknesses.

Waterjet Cutting Machine is a preferred cutting tool for many reasons. They include:

There is no heat affected area on the material that is being cut. Because of that, the properties of the material that is being cut remain unchanged. There is no risk of cracking or shrinking.
There are no dust particles or fumes. It does not make use of aggressive chemicals. This makes it a remarkably environment friendly cutting tool.

The overall finish on the part that has been cut using a Waterjet Cutting Machine is superior to parts that are produced using other types cutting tools. A clean finish helps in avoiding secondary finishing tasks like polishing, milling or drilling.

The machine can be used to cut complex, tight-tolerance shapes with complex corners. This makes it a great cutting tool for automobile, aerospace and other similar components.

Apart from being cost-effective, this method also saves a lot of time. If used correctly, it will improve the efficiency of operation on a project. The initial set-up cost of the cutting tool is slightly more, but in the long run, the cost per part is considerably low.

The machine can be used with a wide variety of materials like wood, tiles, plastic, leather, glass, alloys and metals, and even food products. Actually, Waterjet Cutting Machine has also been used in surgical procedures.

Thus, waterjet cutting technique is one of the most efficient and affordable cutting techniques. Sometimes, reflective materials like brass and copper can’t be perfectly cut by lasers. Also, lasers aren’t the best choice to cut materials like wood and plastics. Waterjet is the best cutting tool in such applications. They are very powerful and precise cutting tools and the method offers great return on investments for both small and large part quantities.

With nearly every company now using CNC machines to cut using waterjet, it is possible to achieve the highest level of accuracy and precision on the most complex parts. Depending on the type of the material to be cut, abrasive or plain-laced jet of water can be used. Abrasives are usually added to give the Waterjet Cutting Machine more power to slice through tougher materials.

There are many applications and uses of a waterjet in modern commercial, industrial and decorative applications. The machine is widely used to create flooring inlays, create precision parts for industrial use, cut logos or decorative panels for architectural purposes, and so on.

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Benefits of Diesel Air Compressors

Posted on October 11, 2013 at 5:37 pm

Diesel air compressor is among the most popular air compressor models, particularly for heavy-duty application. The diesel compressor is a favourite option for many companies due to its numerous benefits and unique features, which may be absent in petrol air compressors and electrically powered compressors.
One of the benefits of diesel air compressors is its ability to work without external sources of power. Diesel powered compressors are cordless, and do not require electricity supply to operate. This allows you to work in situations where electricity is cut out unexpectedly, a frequent problem on construction sites and when operating in extreme weather conditions.
Besides, diesel air compressors have a tendency to be more powerful compared to petrol powered machines of similar size, offering higher torque, and are suitable for more industrial and heavy duty applications.
Another benefit of diesel air compressors is their lesser maintenance requirements. Even though it may be a bit more expensive during its initial purchase, the diesel powered compressor will require less maintenance activities compared to petrol engine, due to its simpler ignition system.
Diesel air compressor’s fuel is more cost-effective than petrol. For example, the cost of diesel per litre is less than the cost of petrol. Moreover, diesel engines have a higher percentage of fuel efficiency (about 36%), while their petrol counterparts only boast of about 25% fuel efficiency level.
In the long run, the benefits of diesel air compressors give them an edge over other similar machines. Given the recent unstable production and prices of fuel, one may argue that diesel powered machines may be the future of automobile and construction industries.

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Compressor Services in the UK

Posted on September 27, 2013 at 8:54 am

Compressors are found useful in a variety of industries and the choice of the compressor, layout, design and specifications vary according to the requirements of the industry. Like most capital equipment, compressors require a lot of forward and backward linkages as most of the compressor manufacturing companies do not provide customised options for the clients. This is one of the main reasons why firms rely on compressor services to address their needs and requirements. The firm will be able to take care of all your compressor requirements starting from establishing a compressor unit to regularly attending to its upkeep.

One of the first things that one will have to ascertain is the choice of the compressor system. The compressor services firm will be able to take into consideration the requirements and select an ideal compressor system. Most of the industries have very specific requirements which necessitate a right choice of the compressor design. One will have to choose from a wide range of compressors ranging from standard piston compressors to oil-lubricated rotary screw compressors. There are also certain industries which will require a combination of different compressors. A marine application will invariably require a combination of hydrovane, high pressure piston and breathing air compression system. Then again, one will have to look into the buoyancy aspects of the compressors. A compressor services firm can help businesses make the right choice as they are associated with several reputed compressor brands.

Installation of a compressor system requires the expertise of specialised engineers and is a rather intricate affair. A services firm will have a team of engineers who will look into your requirements, select and design the layout of your compressor system. They will also be able to look into associated pipe layout systems. The engineers will help the system strike a balance between energy efficiency and functional efficiency. These firms also provide training sessions for staff to run the compressor systems. They will also be able to provide valuable technical advice and end to end compressor solutions for any industry.

One of the main aspects of sustained performance of the compressor systems lies in its regular repair and maintenance. Most of the compressor services firms will be able to provide all the spares and maintenance solutions for the compressor systems. The firm will be able to draw up a service plan which will include regular energy efficiency and performance audits and maintenance and services of the systems. They will even be able to help with system health checks and perform necessary repairs. The firms will also maintain an up to date awareness of the various legislation and trends which affect those operating compressors.

Most of the compressor services firms are also registered waste carriers certified by Environment Agency, which means that they will be able to dispose your old compressor system legally. They will also be able to take care of the waste by-products and the waste oil generated from the compressor systems. These firms provide services of technical as well as advisory nature, making them extremely useful for several industries.

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No Service- or Repair Costs with a Quality Compressor Rental

Posted on September 5, 2013 at 10:03 am

Petrol, diesel and electric compressors are used in many different industries, and in fact there are many industries where compressors are indispensable in the applications they serve. Compressors can come in a wide variety of different types and sizes, from mobile and lightweight to large compressor stations, the size depending on the number of compressors and the volume of gas to be moved. Regardless of whether you require a rotary screw compressor, a turbo- or reciprocating compressor, with compressor rental you can expect to hire any compressor you require, whether new or used.
Hiring a compressor can be a useful option if you only need to use the compressor once off, and then the rental company will charge you by the day, week, month or longer. Professional contractors and homeowners use these air tools to tackle a number of small and large projects where they will require a reliable supply of compressed air. You can complete a host of projects using pneumatic tools which are hooked to a rented air compressor.
Hire a Compressor for Domestic or Commercial Use
Rental companies have compressors available mostly from 4kw up to 50kw for both domestic- or commercial use. You will find compressors at work all around us, from our air conditioners to refrigerators, supplying clean air to a scuba diver and even being used in the music industry. Each one more or less performs the same function, and that is to increases the amount of air in a space by compressing air by converting gas or electrical power into kinetic energy.
Hiring a Compressor can be Tailored to Your Needs
With UK compressor rentals, you can always be assured of large stocks available at competitive rates and also with hire periods suited to your project. When you choose a reputable rental company, you will find that they will deliver and collect compressors wherever you are.
These rental companies service different areas in the UK and you will find that they are suppliers of top brand compressors. With their knowledge and skills they can provide you with valuable compressor information and will also be able to tailor your compressed air needs to suit you. Not only that, when your hire a compressor, things like repairs and servicing are done by the rental company and always by trained staff.
A Compressor Matched to Your Project
Before you consider renting a compressor, know exactly how long your project is going to take. The beauty of hiring a compressor is that, unlike with buying one, you are not bound by one size. You can rent air compressors of different sizes to fit your requirements, and each compressor has different mobility configurations as well as output capabilities. You simply choose the compressor that will match your specific tool requirements and your project needs.
Each air tool will require different amounts of pressure to operate. For instance a rental air compressor’s PSI or pounds per square inch rating will determine the pressure of the air that the compressor will deliver. Another thing to look at with a compressor rental is the tank capacity and the amount of air it can hold. This is because some larger tools like a sandblaster will require a large and continuous burst of compressed air.
Hire from A Reputable Company where Safety is Key

When looking to hire a compressor, look out for companies with a good safety history. With a reputable company, compressor rental is an excellent choice as there is only a small outlay, no compressor services or repair costs to bother with, the compressor is serviced when necessary and you don’t have to worry about compressor depreciation, making it a truly worthwhile alternative to buying.

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