An Engravers Toolset

Posted on June 19, 2016 at 7:57 pm

Engraving is a highly skilled profession, requiring a great amount of dexterity and ability in order to create detailed engravings. Of course, machines and computers arguably take out some of the raw skill required to engrave. But there still remains many manual engravers that hold true to traditional ways.

For traditional engravers the tools used are somewhat different to that of an engraver that uses a computer. For example, to manually engrave accurately a variety of hand chisels and a steady jig are necessary tools. Whereas an engraver who uses a computer controlled engraver may not even need a hand chisel. Instead relying on the engraving machines cutters to do most, if not all of the cutting and finishing.

However, there are tools that both manual and computer engravers make use of. A vacuum to clean away dust and excess debris, and a way of lubricating the engraving are both widely used by engravers in the very same way.

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